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Get New dishnxthd set top box Get New technology based nxtHd box with new features available in the nxthd box. RecordingHD quality picture5X Hd outputSuper Audio QualityHD supportedInstant Activate

Dish SMRT Hub
DishSMRT Hub
TV channels + Entertainment Apps on one screen, with one remote

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DishNXT Set Top Box
TV channels + antena + HD set top box with 1 month HD subscription of hindi pack

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DishNXT Set Top Box
TV channels + antena + set top box with 1 month subscription of hindi pack

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Best Set Top Box of dishtv

With 4x hd quality output

New functionality and smarter interface to use in your tv to view most favorite shows and movies.

Viewing Platform

Now days Dishtv introduce new age set top box with hd supported high quality video output. The new technology enhance the set top box quality.The best set top box means the ability to catch large number of Hd channels and Sd channels.HD set top box offers more features than a normal set top box. .

Recording feature

The best set-top boxes come with a recording feature even if you are not watching your favorite shows or movies.The recording data stored in a external pen-drive.Now you can access your recorded file via laptop and dishtv set top box.

Disk space

The best set-top boxes offers large internal disk space. You no need to connect a external storage devices for the recording of the favorite shows and movies.Most set top box come with 500Gb internal Storage. But you can connect upto 1TB external storage device for recording.

HDMI Interface

Most set top box offers HDMI interface to support 4X HD quality video output.This interface make your virtual feeling to reality that depends on TV also and platform of set top box.

Additional Features

The best set-top boxes in India offer you with much more than just several channels and features to record them. They also offers educational channels for learning from home at your suitable time.

Other Connections

A set-top box must be able to have HDMI connections and other additional connections so that the customers are able to enjoy the highest quality of movies. People with numerous HDMI compatible devices would want to look for set-up boxes with multiple HDMI ports or get a HDMI hub instead of several cables.

What are the additional features to look for in set-top boxes in India?

The major function and utility of a set-top box still remains to be streaming TV and movies, but what if we provide you much more.Now days set top box offers live tv streaming. Storage and wireless connection.

Live TV:

Now days set top box offers live tv. Now it become very easier to access across the world.


A set-top box is generally used for streaming movies and other programmes.it offers internal storageas well as you can connect a external storage device by given usb port to record your videos. Wireless/DLNA:Some other additional features include wireless/DLNAs because f which the customers are able to connect their phones and other devices to their set-top boxes. This enables the customers to exchange different media between several devices and Compatibility:The best set-top box is not only good enough for movies or shows. It also ensures that all your other devices and USB/other storage devices are compatible with it. This enables you to exchange information, media and other data among several compatible devices at the same time. It makes transfer of data easier, which become highly convenient for each of the family member. Streaming Quality:It is essential that your perfect set-top box offers you with the highest picture quality with the highest pixel resolution for a great leisure time. The best set-top boxes offer you with 1090 pixel resolution with a large number of HD channels providing you with multiple options to look for your favorite shows and movies. Remote:A remote control is a necessary add-on that comes with the package of your set-top box. It is essential that your remote has all the necessary features required for easy operation.