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Refund not process when Incorrect Dish tv recharge

When you enter the Wrong Vc number or Wrong registered mobile number for dish tv recharge . so we will not refund any amount if you have done a wrong or incorrect dish tv recharge. so before doing the dish tv recharge.

kindly double check the every details that you have enter for recharge of your dish tv account with correct details and correct plan amount.if any one of the details like VC number, registered mobile number or plan recharge amount if any one of wrong or incorrect and recharge is successfully done so we will not refund any amount.

Failed transaction is Refunded

If your dish tv recharge have been failed due to bank server error or any technical problem due to recharge is failed and amount is deducted from your payment method like , debit card, credit card , net - banking and UPi then the amount is automatically refunded to your original payment method with in 7-15 working days. fi transaction is failed kindly wait for 7-15 working days for system, refund. Ifafter 15 working days if you have not got your refund then we will process your refund manually after 15 working days , if automatically system refund is not process by our system.

How to Request a Refund

Only failed transaction is elligible for refund. if you have not receive your refund with in 7-15 working days then you need to Contact Us for refund mention your transaction details , time and date of transaction registered email, mobile number and vc number and recharge amount for process the refund. .

Processing Time

We will process the refuind with in 7-15 working days depends upon what payment you have used but normally it will take 7-15 working days for refund the amount to your original payment method.only failed transaction can be refunded any Incorrect recharge will not refunded.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Refund Policy, kindly contact us if your transaction is failed and wait for 7-15 working days for the automatically refund.if 15 days cross so Contact Us